About Us

Our Initiative

AITestified is an Adaptive Learning Platform (ALP) that contains AI algorithms Based Personalized Test Series to give learners a competitive edge by committing to best pedagogical practices known to learning science and by fully utilizing the benefits realized from the application of latest technologies such as Data Analytics, ML and AI.

Our Objective

Within the sphere of competitive examinations, current offerings in the market catering to the student community exhibit the following gaps :-

Customisation Gap – Each one has different learning curve, and their own learning pace yet they are taught through uniform pattern, using One Size fits all Assessment Techniques, trying to fit square peg into round hole, Thus, candidates are not able to realise their respective strength and improvement areas.

Our Offering
Personalized feedback identifying each students’ areas of improvement and uses AI driven algorithm to create personalized tests to target specific areas.

Knowledge Gap – Candidates are caught up in the UPSC Chakravyuh, because of shallowness of knowledge, overlooking of their weak areas and overfocus on subjects of their interest. Just rote learning without understanding the essence, analysis and integration of the subjects, is the reason why candidates have to give repeated attempts.

Our Offering
Identifies area of concern for each individual student creating the opportunity for students to focus on specific topics helpful in clearing the exam.

Technology Gap – The pedagogy is still obsolete considering the advent of 4th Industrial Revolution in the rest of the areas. AI enabled tools which may help in adaptive learning are still not tapped

Our Offering
Uses the latest technologies in the field of Data science, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to bridge the student’s learning gap.

Price - Quality Gap – Candidates sadly are not able to get Value of Money, they’ve to spend their parents hard earned money in lakhs still they have poor learning outcomes.

Our Offering
High quality content and expertly reviewed pool of questions at the right price assures that the students spend their effort and money fittingly.

Our Team

Mr. M K Yadav

AITestified in the brainchild of Mr. MK Yadav, he is a lauded Current Affairs & Economics faculty and the founder of theIAShub. Hundreds of his students have scored top ranks & consistently performed well in Civil Services, RBI Grade B, AC, APFC, IB etc. Examinations. With a certification from IIM Ahmedabad in Artificial Intelligence along with his years of experience in education field, Mandeep heads the strategy and growth at the AITestified, aiming to bridge the gap between technology and learning.

Mr. Sunil Singh

With close to 12 years of experience in Data & Analytics Domain along with an MBA from IIM Lucknow, Sunil heads the innovation and product development at the AITestified. Tapping into his business acumen and technology expertise he ensures that the potential of the latest technologies including Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, is fully realized to reach and assist students.

Dr. Shitanshu Mishra

An alumnus of IIT Bombay, Dr. Shitanshu is an educational technology and learning science researcher. With his extensive research in learning science, educational technology and development of technology - enhanced learning environments, he is responsible for defining and enhancing the Artificial Intelligence (AI) model and algorithm which serves as the core of the AITestified platform

Mr. Abhinav Anand

An alumnus of IIT Bombay and with over 10 years on experience in the Edtech Sector, Abhinav leads the product design and innovation at AITestified. As the head of academics, he brings in his expertise in aligning student learning with the AITestified platform.

Ms. Divya Raturi

Ms. Divya Raturi is an Alumna of Shri Ram College of Commerce (SRCC), Economics (H) and holds an MBA (Finance). With a strong foundation in teaching methodologies and instructional design, Divya leads the core content management at AITestified, pooling high quality questions, resources and materials for from top sources and faculties within the UPSC field.