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Q1. A heatwave is a period of excessively hot weather. With reference to the extent of heat waves, consider the following statements:
  1. Heatwaves are not observed in oceanic or marine climatic regions.
  2. The frequency of hot days and nights has shown a decline recently compared to the last 30 years.
  3. The absence of pre-monsoon showers can amplify heat waves in India.
How many of the above statements are correct?
New India New Dalits

The News:
The government is making efforts for the upliftment of the Dalit community.

Problems faced by Dalits in India

  • Placed at the bottom of the socio-economic pyramid.
  • No substantial achievement related to health and education.
  • Lack of representation: Dalit psyche was damaged, due to the rhetoric in the name of caste and token representation. Instead, they were provided with tokenism.

Government actions for the upl

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Impact of Malnourished mother on child