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India's 1st Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven UPSC CSE Prelims 2021 Test Series Platform.

Breakthrough your hurdles for the UPSC exam through our database of 50,000 high quality questions and personalized feedback
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Phase 1 : What It Includes

AI driven Evaluative UPSC Test Series
  • 7+1 Tests Included
  • 7 Subjects Covered
  • Cognitive Assessment Included

AI Testified - 3 Phased Approach

Assessment across each individual subject through a set of questions to identify weakness and strengths.

Phase 1
Initial s/w report
Responsive Test Design

Adaptive assessment, Question difficulty and weightage adjusted based on student's real time performance

Phase 2 includes Standard Full Length tests across all the subjects that would help the aspirant deep dive and test his knowledge .

Phase 2
Deep Dive tests

Report Card is generated after each phase and Test Report is generated after each individual test

AI Profiling

Profiling Students and diagnosing subjects and topics to improve . AI creates a dynamic database of student's weak areas

Phase 3
Adaptive Tests

Adaptive Test Series and resources for the student to identify and improve their weaknesses and improve standing post preparation

Analytics/ Report Card

Backed by Detailed Analytics for each Test, Subject ,Topic

What we Offer?

Why Choose AI Testified ?

AI Testified is India's first ever AI Powered Learning Platform. Our Products are meant for students looking to crack the toughest competitive exams by providing personalized learning

Technology Solution – AITestified is India’s 1st AI Driven Adaptive Test Engine, built on top of a robust algorithm and a highly trained model with the ability to accurately predict a student’s strengths and gaps in knowledge.

Content Solution – Get ahead in the race with our high quality and expert reviewed pool of questions, completely aligned with competitive exam.

Pedagogical Solution – All content of the platform are in alignment with best pedagogical practices known to learning .


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